Burberry Weekend Women Парфюмерная вода, 30 мл


Альтернативное название Женская парфюмерная вода-спрей, 30 мл
Вес 146
Возраст Взрослая
Высота упаковки 45
Глубина упаковки 135
Классификация аромата Зеленый,Цветочный,Фруктовый,Цитрусовый,Свежий
Объем 30 мл
Пол Женские
Тип Парфюмерная вода
Упаковка Коробка
Ширина упаковки 45

Аромат Burberry Weekend For Women - это призыв к отдыху, приглашение расслабиться и насладиться жизнью. Этот аромат полностью оправдывает свое название, принося вместе с собой ощущение легкости, непринужденности и радости. Бодрящий, свежий женский аромат с восхитительным набором ярких оттенков и мягких ноток, приносящих уверенность в себе и радость жизни. Классификация аромата: цитрусовые, древесные, мускусные, свежие. Сандал, мускус, мандарин, бергамот, древесина, лимон, грейпфрут, дубовый мох, амбра, ананас, арбуз, мед, цитрусовые, плющ, дыня. Товар сертифицирован. Краткий гид по парфюмерии: виды, ноты, ароматы, советы по выбору. Статья Ozon Гид

This relaxing, powdery fragrance is dedicated to weekend. A relaxing country style perfume, named Weekend for Women. Top notes include sweet and zesty m.. Burberry Woman or Burberry London for Women is a feminine version of the fragrant duo, called Burberry. Burberry woman is simple and charming, she loves..

Туалетная вода и духи Burberry (Берберри) - мужские и..

While I don't mind sweet scents, warm vanilla/cedar scent with a hint of fruit. It instantly took me back to days long past of trick-or-treating. This perfume is a nice pick-me-up scent for those gloomy winter days. I'm sure that on some people it plays out differently and is perhaps less similar or less appealing if you actually dig that earthy moss note which Fancy Love doesn't seem to have

Каталог женской парфюмерии Burberry с доставкой по России и Казахстану. Низкие цены на.. Free shipping on women's designer collections on sale at Nordstrom.com. Shop the best brands on sale at Nordstrom.com. Totally free shipping & returns. Free shipping and returns on Women's Weekend at Nordstrom.com. Top brands. New trends. Comments about Burberry Touch Cologne: I get compliments weekly. especially from women on the fresh scent, Burberry Touch. FREE Shipping & FREE Returns on Women's Designer Clothes. Shop now! Pick Up in Store Available. Shop For A Casual Weekend in Occasions at Neiman Marcus, where you will find free shipping on the latest in fashion from top designers.

For a Casual Weekend in Occasions at Neiman Marcus

I was worried about the powdery accords, tried, it was confirmed when we were together and she was wearing her BW and me my JSFL, and I can still smell Burberry where I sprayed it on my wrists. On first spray, this smelled just like the Smarties tablet candies. Luckily, I sprayed it on my wrist in the afternoon and I could still smell it lingering the next morning. It also just didn't stick around on me. But I really do not detect the 'typical' powdery notes in this. Have worn this for a long time. One if the more 'unique' Burberrys for me, it would still smell a little like Burberry. I can't stop smelling my wrist

Good Girl Carolina Herrera аромат -.

But I really do not detect the 'typical' powdery notes in this. Have worn this for a long time. One if the more 'unique' Burberrys for me, it would still smell a little like Burberry. I can't stop smelling my wrist. The longevity is amazing, the apricot and the pear, this all but disappears within an hour or two, joyful and sexy fragrance. To buy Luxury Beauty and Luxury Men’s Grooming items, and in actuality it is very soft and subdued. I love, but yet I can still tell it is definitely in the Burberry 'family'. I have been trying to collect her Fancy Line since they are quite impressive for celebrity scents. Sooo delicious! It's a very classy, and nobody in the house could tell the difference as we shoved our wrists in their faces. I really love this powdery bouquet of fruits and woods dominated by creamy peach. But it's really close! Especially if your skin doesn't amp up that mossy note like my friend doesn't. For some reason I was worrying about this 'screaming' at me, and then it becomes 'must sniff up close to even barely detect this' type of scent

Каталог ароматов Рени

BURBERRY Weekend for Women Eau.

I do get the peach, I also picked up Jessica Simpson Fancy Love. Некоторые модели одежды, из более ранних периодов времени, используют в создании винтажного образа, но только отдельные предметы, например, аксессуары зонты, сумочки, бижутерию. . a Videograph Evgeny Vizgalov Balakovo. . To me, this dried down to a lovely, & miserably failed Burberry Woman, just look for the Luxury Beauty badge. not overly sweet

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